Quickstart: Community within 90 minutes

How far on the way to community can a group get within 90 minutes? A field report for a taster session with "Community Building By Scott Peck". Community Building by Scott Peck is a method to train intuition, authenticity, conflict resolution skills and awareness as well as practically exploring the building of a trust relationship within a group. The community building process happens mostly unguided. ... Read More

Local Group according to Gopal

Honest Sharing (EM) with in a local group according to Gopal (Norbert Klein) is a very simple self experience method, where participants express what is happening in the current moment and get in real contact with oneself and each other and receive acceptance when doing that. Everyone is expressing one's own experience at the physical, emotional and Thoughlevel in a dissociative way. Dissociative means ... Read More

New Website

communitybuilding.space now finally lauched its new web site. Even if one may assume, that for me as IT administrator it is fairly easy to set up a new website: This is not the case. Nevertheless: It's done and I am ... Read More