Local Group according to Gopal

Honest Sharing in this local group according to Gopal (Norbert Klein) is a very simple method of self experience where participants express what is in the current moment to reach authentic contact with each other and receive full acceptance for oneself.

Everybody expresses the own experiences on the level of body, emotion and thoughts without identifying with it and instead just by reporting it from a watchers perspective. The other attendants receive the sharing in silence with appreciating attention.

This is an online event done with video conferencing. Within the process, every person is granted 10 minutes once and may speak according to the defined structure of sentences. The whole process with 6 attendants will thus last one hour. Every person decides for oneself what to share and what to keep by oneself.

Every attendant is asked to read the following imformation sheet carefully:

Information: Honest Sharing according to Gopal (German)

A first session is open for all. Afterwards the attendants decide - if interested - to continue and organize follow-up sessions. These meetings are generally free of charge.

More explanatory (german) videos about honest sharing are listed in the following.

The method honest sharing was created by Gopal (Norbert Klein). More information at: https://www.traumaheilung.net.

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