New Website

By Gerd Altmann@Pixabay now finally lauched its new web site. Even if one may assume, that for me as IT administrator it is fairly easy to set up a new website: This is not the case. Nevertheless: It's done and I'm - according to my compentence level and the effort I was willing to invest - pleased for the result that I had produced.

For me it's important, that the web site offers a quick and pure overview to the essence of the informations, that I'm providing.

While working I'm realizing the joy and elation, that there are so many people, sharing the work for everyone else - for free! Open Source got me long ago. That's why this site is obviously running on Linux. Furthermore this site is powered by Wordpress. And at first I bought commercial design for this site, but - very sad - I was not able to handle it appropriately. So I again searched and found a piece of free (of charge) named generatepress, which helped me getting my task done! And my thank also goes to all the fotographers and graphic artists on Pixabay, who share their abundance of high quality pictures of any type and size! It's absolutely fanstastic! Thank you world for sharing! I'd like to do that too!

The old (mostly german only) webpage will stay online until further notice, until the contents all have been transferred to the new website. Here's the link to the old website: Link for the old Website:

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